Hike in fuel prices 4

India is one country where fuel is most expensive compared to any other country in the world. Adding to the worse, is frequent hike in the prices. There is a hike in fuel price atleast twice every year. While price in malaysia is 11 rs per litre & 17 rs in Pakistan.

Why India is having such a price for petrol & diesel while other countries are low priced. Is there no end to this hike? Who is answerable & why the prices so high only in India? Who is making money in between? Is this price set so the govt & concerned ministry can make money?

Who is answerable for all this? It’s high time public of India take some serious measures & protest this hike. Ideal price per litre of petrol should be no more than 30 rs. I know we can make the difference. For one day if no one of us buys petrol, these petroleum companies will face a huge loss & will be forced to reduce the prices.

Please spread the message to your friends & family not buy any fuel on 20th of February. Let’s mark this day as a “No fuel purchase day”. please mark this date in your calendar not to buy fuel on this day. I am initiating this in my town & spreading this to everyone I know. You do it too.

please it is for our good.