Ekta Kapoor Serials 3

Who doesn’t know Ekta Kapoor, you can find women sticking on to her tv serials. It is really disgusting the way she portrays indian culture in the serials. She has portrayed indian culture very badly by showing people marrying more than one person & it is common in her all serials. Moreover, these serials are running from more than 5 to 6 years. I mean, what kind of a sense less person can drag a story so long. People need change & it is really boring to see one serial for years. Maximum of 1 year is quiet reasonable to watch. And these serials are being dragged without proper story line. Every serial will be having parties & functions for no reason & for every silly reasons. And those disgusting dance to the tune of movie songs absolutely makes no sense. Who will watch those dances after watching it in movies. Only way to put an end to Ekta Kapoor saga is to stop watching them. Come on people, wake up & come out of those sense less serials.