Do not drink too much soda 2

We all have a habbit of drinking soda pops like pepsi, thumbs up, 7 up, sprite, coca cola, etc. But what most of us are not aware is that consuming these soda pops damages calcium content in bones & teeth & thus weakening them. Over a period of years, say when you cross 30 years of age, the affect will slowly start with tooth decay, bone problems etc. One of my cousins who had a perpetual habbit of drinking soda pops is now a victim of teeth breakage & weak bone problems.

It is advisable to consume these drinks not more than once a week if you can’t avoid. If you do not trust me, just consult any orthopaedic doctor & he will tell you the same.

After all, teeth & bones are the most essential parts in our body that supports our physical power. So, avoid too much of soda & have it as less as possible.

Make a habbit of drinking two glasses of milk everyday to over come the bad affects of soda drinks.