Do a little…make a big difference 2

I am talking about how to keep our country clean & tidy. Everyone of us in everyday life spend a lot of time at work, schools, colleges, frineds, play, TV, music, hobbies etc.

In the routine of our lives we tend to forget what we can do to make our country a better place in the world. All we need a small amount of time to spare in keeping our city clean. It’s not just important we keep our homes clean but also the city, the roads, parks, public places. All we can do is stop throwing waste on roads, just look for a dustbin & throw in it. When you see someone throw something on road or public place, lift it in front of them & throw in a nearby dustbin. This will make them feel embarassed & they will not repeat it. Whenever you see anyone throwing anything in public places, just give a little piece of advice not to throw outside & throw it in a dustbin.

This is a very little thing to do but over a period of time it will make a big difference. What is required is not big cleaning machines or equipments to keep the city clean but what we require is a clean thought to keep the city clean. Treat your city & your country no less than your home for you live in this country & it is your responsibility to make sure your country is clean because you live in it. And nobody wants to live in a dustbin.

So please all you Indians, it’s time we think about it seriously & do a little bit of our part.