Corpse’s Bride 4

I saw a movie on saturday night on HBO. It was a animated movie called “Corpse’s Bride”. It certainly sounds like a horror movie. But it is not. It is a story of a girl who is killed by the groom just before the wedding. She dies in wedding dress & hence her soul is still not died. On another side, there is a guy (hero fo the movie) who is engaged to a pretty girl & due to some misunderstanding the girl breaks up with the hero. Hero depressed of that, goes to some isolated place far from the town & sits there in deep thoughts without realising he is sitting near to a grave of the girl who dies in wedding dress. It is already many years since the girl had died. Hero while sitting there & think just throws the wedding ring he had brought for the bride & it accidently falls near the grave which awakes the corpse. The girls body gets its soul but the body is already rotten a bit & it comes to hero & falls in love. It is now behind the hero & the story goes on till the hero gets convinced to marry the corpse. During climax, the corpse (dead girl) during the wedding realizes what she is doing is not right. At the saem time heroine arrives their to a haunted church filled with ghosts who are partying for corpse’s wedding. The villain (who killed the bride many years ago) is behind heroine since she has wealth. He too comes there following heroine & see the dead girl whom he had killed many years ago. He comes to kill the hero so he can marry the heroine. But mean time the villain just announces nobody can mess with him & he will marry heroine & he drinks a glass of wine which dead girl had prepared for hero so he can drink & die & marry her. Villian drinks it & dies as it had poison. Now dead girl as she realised she can only be a dead girl & not a true wife for hero, she goes away as a butterly as her soul is also now released with satisfaction that she earned love of the hero & killed her killer.

It’s quiet a good movie with all good animation effects & quiet a fun to watch with all funny characters.