Breathing for life 2

In India breathign fresh air has become not only difficult but impossible too. The reason is, increasing pollution day by day by vehicles, factories, industries, etc. This has affected in human health very badly. Since air is the only thing we breath & which is the natural source for breathing, we tend to get infected with many diseases.

But the best part is, you still get to breath fresh air during early morning hours. So it has proven if you do breathing excercises during early morning hours, it can benefit your health in many ways. Just wake up before 7:00 AM & go out for fresh air walk & breath in & out the fresh air. You can also sit in open air & breath in the air as long as you can, hold it for as long as you can & slowly release it. Do this atleast for 15 to 20 mins every early morning. Not only you will stay healthy but fresh & energetic the whole day for whole life.