Beware of Soft Toys 3

Children love toys more than anyone & most of them like soft toys because they ae soft & cuddly to hold & play. What parents must be aware is that these soft toys are prone to attract dust faster & more than any other objects. Dust causes many diseases like; Asthma, Dust allergies, Skin Irritation, Eye Irritation & Stomach ahces if come sin contact with mouth or tongue.

You need not necessarily stop buying your children soft toys but you need to take care of them. You need to make sure thay are not thrown here & there & like you wash clothes ensure the soft toys are also washed in warm water atleast twice in a week. After wash rinse it in a tub of water mixed with a cap of dettol which can help protect the toys from germs, bacteria & insects.

For those whose children love soft toys the most, must make sure to take these precautions. Do not let them throw the toys in dirty areas & let them play in clean areas, preferrably on bed or carpet.