Beware of food habbits 4

In this modern world, Indians have changed a lot in terms of life style. And one of the main areas where Indian’s life style has changed is food habbits. People in India have adopted & continuing adopting foreign food culture & mainly American which are more of cheesy & fatty foods.

People are literally getting addicted to foods like; pizzas, burgers, steaks, etc & most of them who are getting addicted are children & teenagers. These foods definitely tastes yummy & looks attractive too but are really health threatening foods. It affects health in many ways & one of the main causes is obesity. People are just growing fatter everyday with consumption of fat & cheese rich foods & snacks. Obesity has now become common among the youngsters. Parents of children must really take care & control this unhealthy food habbits of their children. It also results in many health ailments like; cholesterol, BP & Sugar.

So, take my advice & stick on to healthy & traditional indian foods & do not rely on cheesy fatty foods & also advice as many as you can on this. It is ok to have it ocassionally but not good for regular eating.