Beware of fake doctors 4

Beware of fake doctors & physicians. There are many people in India who are practicing as doctors but are not. Many people get fake certificates & learn basic about being a doctor & start their own shop or clinic & cheat people. They learn about basic medicines for ailments like: cough, cold, fever, headache etc & start attending to patients. They make a real good money but it is in some or many ways a cheating to the public. Off late there are many cases I saw in news papers & TV about fake doctors getting arrested.

Whenever you go to a clinic & if you have any doubts in yoru mind, do not hesitate, just ask the doctor to show is certificate & if you still find he/she is fake, then report it to a police station. They can help you in analysing if the doctor is true or fake. It is important to know otherwise one wrong advise or treatment can become fatal to your life.