Best stress busters 3

When ever i get stressed out from office work & come home, whenever I feel low, whenever I am upset, angry or depressed at work. The best stress busters that work for me is my family; my wife & my 3 months old baby girl. They are just treasures of my life. Even my loving mom, dad & younger brother are nice to me. But since mine is a love marriage, I have a special attachment with my wife & daughter. No matter how much tired & stressed, when I see my wife & daughter’s faces, I just feel very much strong, happy & energetic from inside. I tend to forget all my worries & just spend quality beautiful times with them. Whenever i get time I do not spend with friends or anyone else. I just love spending more & more time with my family. After all, I work hard for sake of them.

India is a country where value is given more to family members than work or money. It’s family with whom you can be happy & not money. I am proud I am an Indian who always thinks & cares about family. I do work hard but only during office hours & never over dedicate my time. I beleive “life is short & spend maximum with your loved ones”.