Bangalore International Airport 3

The new Bangalore International Airport which is opening shortly in few weeks from now indeed is the best in India considering various things like; Infrastructure, Design, Technology, Building & Architecture, Security, features, Facilities, Comfort, Size all in terms of internal, plane parking area, runaway, seating capacity inside airport, etc.

They have a team of highly trained house keeping who are responsible of cleanliness of the airport inside & outside who would ensure the cleanliness, hygeine & neat arrangements at all times of the day through out the year & are operational 24/7 & 365 days a year.

They have higly trained & equipped team if security who would ensure safety & security of the inside & outside of the airport at all times ensuring the best comfort of passengers in terms of security. It has highly sophisticated security cameras & scanners.

It has all good facilites including shopping areas & duty free shops, eat out zones, play areas for kids, library, rest rooms, etc.

It definitely meets high quality international standards & Bangalore will soon become very improved city in India because of this airport.