Avoid junk foods for your children 8

My Wife’s elder sister has two daughters, one aged 8 years & another 4 years old. We all love them as they are cute & adorable. Even my wife’s sister & her husband love them a lot. Since everyone loves them so much everyone have habbit of getting them whatever they want to eat. Every time we or any one who used to visit them, used to take them chocolates, lays, kurkure, etc which are indeed junk foods. Naturally since they used to be filled with all these, they never used to have home prepared foods properly. Over a period of months we started seeing weakness in them, they had gone lean & caught up with eye sight problem due to insufficient vitamin & protein as the food intake was less.

So, what we all did was completely cut off the junk foods. We started avoiding getting them anything from outside apart from healthy foods. Since all the junk foods were stopped, they naturally started having moe prepared foods & properly. After that their health improved & now they are fit & fine.

So, please avoid junk foods & it is ok ocassionally but do not make them get addicted to it.