An orange a day keeps skin doctor away 2

I had read about benefits of oranges to human skin. It is very rich in vitamin which is most essential ingredient for our skin.

Having orange every day or fresh orange juice (not canned or with artificial flavors but freshly prepared orange juice) will not only keep your skin glowing & smooth but also healthy. The rich Vitamin contents protect your skin from common skin ailments like; blemishes, sun burns, skin drying, cracks & itching due to sweating. Not only skin, but it also keeps your body’s energy level intact & thus keep you energetic & fresh always. It is also good for digestion of food in your stomach.

Even the skin of orange is nto a waste. If you dry it in sun completely & make a powder of it, it can be used as a face pack which can give your skin an extra glow & prevent dark circles around your eyes.

So isn’t orange a very good advantage by having it regularly?