What is love? 4

What is love?

Love means, take the good and the bad in those whom we Love, and love them regardless. It means to Love them without looking for rewards in return, and be there for them just because you love them.

Love from a spouse, a relative, or a child, or from a parent to a child is supposed to be pure, no strings or commands.

Love is to care and care is to Love. They are one and the same. Love doesn’t ask who r u? Love only says u r mine. Love doesn’t ask where r u from? Love only says U live in my heart. Love doesn’t ask what do u do? Love only says U make my heart beat. Love doesn’t ask why r u far away? Love only says you are always with me. Love doesn’t ask Do u love me? Love only says I LOVE U.

LOVE means a single emotion which depicts two inner personalities, two mysterious hearts in one single Expression.

When it comes to LOVE at first sight, It’s mere exchange of Looks or thoughts or personalities. Love means exchanging Emotions, Expressions and Responsibility towards each other especially to the loved and dear ones in your life.

At times Love is painful because its a relationship based on mutual understanding and sensitivity.
In a given situation, when the commitment level is so high that a moderate level of misunderstanding or even disagreement can be agonizing. In that way love is indeed painful but the positive aspect is that it is an indication of true love.