What does our behavior reflects? 2

What does our behavior reflects?

Some people believe that our behavior is the outcome of our upbringing. It is very much true that till a certain age our behavior is governed by our parents. But after reaching the stage of maturity, it is utterly a trait that you need to acquire by your taste and practice.

Our behavior is dependent on our parents preaching and the so called ‘sanskar” that really streamlines our personality. It is their commandments and set of rules that disciplines our mind, body and senses and reforms us into well cultured human beings. Our behavior reflects our upbringings and it is reflected in our attitude and behavior. We can be judged by our actions and they clearly signify our level of upbringings received from our parents.

We can also say that behavior is what you learn from books or teachers at school and your company but still there is something in your genes which is responsible for your behavior.

A person’s mind and brain is influenced with the external factors such as school or work place, neighborhood, television, radio friends and family. Every person preserves the things in the subconscious mind and then behaves according to their perception.

Therefore it would be right to say that our behavior is an outcome of upbringing as well as our social circle and environment.