We don’t want unwelcome guests 10

We, Indians have a nature of treating guest as “deva” (gods) and we respect them all through from the core of our hearts. There are few among us that dislike the very sight of unwelcome guests and that include intellectual like me also. Recently we have been facing similar situations at our place, office and now on eblogs portal. I don’t know why somebody who has difference of opinion about our creative writing comes to visit our blogs. It’s really inhumane and impractical to write senseless, gibberish “Hinglish” poetry in his/her blogs that finds no social relevance and condemn somebody who delivers informative, educative blogs that relates to present news, events and happenings. Let me tell you that bloggers like us alleviate the status of any portal by rendering information, knowledge, and our positive knowledgeable attribute through our meaningful thoughts. The “blogging” sites have created novice writers out of some of idiots but that does not mean that they have right to condemn anybody in the world. Poor criticism is like silly joke that find no takers and unwelcome guest loses his pride and glory. So, who feels dejected or disenchanted to visit our informative blog should keep astray from our thoughts and words.