Always love-rather than hate
Love will make the life beautiful
And hate will shatter the beauty
So love everybody to spread the
Essence of happiness to the world around YOU

Keep smiling -rather than frown
Smile brings cheerfulness and happiness
Share your smile with everybody around you
To get the love and affection from ALL

Always build-rather than destroy
As destruction will leave negative energy
And building will illuminate the world with HOPE
Keep building new ideas, friends and work
To fetch more and more from the WORLD

Better to persevere-rather than quit
As perseverance will lead to Success and Hope
Will give you new avenues and power to work more
Rather than negative thoughts to leave the work

Choose to praise-rather than gossip
Praise will add flavor to your relationship
Gossip will be the headache for ALL
Praise Praise and Keep praising to get the BEST OF THE BEST

Choose to heal-rather than wound
Healing the wounds will earn you Praise
Praise will encourage being a HEALER for more
Do not wound anybody with your thoughts and words
Always be a medicine to their wounds than to hurt them

Better to give-rather than take
Give love happiness and shelter to all
Rather than to expect from others
Be the Helper rather than the help-seeker

Good to act-rather than delay
Work selflessly and leave the rest to Almighty
You will fetch more and more from the experience
Rather than to expect for results
Will fetch the
Better forgive-rather than curse.
Choose to pray-rather than despair