Shilpa Shetty turns fitness freak with yoga 0

Shilpa Shetty turns fitness freak with yoga

Shilpa Shetty, the dusky Bollywood babe had hard times in films with strings of flops. Her luck changed drastically last year with the advent of reality show BIG BROTHER. The latest happening about her is about her exclusive video on “yoga”. It is shot aesthetically where Shilpa has performed different “yoga-asana” and their benefits. It has been shot with different camera angles with effective background score to support. Like many Bollywood stars, Shilpa has sought the blessing of popular “yog-guru” Swami Ramdev before the launch of her video. The video that is compiled in DVD/VCD format will soon be out in the market. In 80’s and 90’s, actress like Rekha and Anita Raj tried their luck with such fitness video but their sincere efforts failed to capitalize. Now it’s Shilpa at her best teaching all her fans about the uses and advantages of “yoga” through her video programme.