Saif’s phony tattoo creates rage 3

Saif’s phony “tattoo” creates rage

Now this can be termed as the height of ‘stupidity” and comedy of errors. The ever greedy media who always craves for anything spicy was befooled by their game. The occasion was when actor Saif Ali Khan tattoo showing “KAREENA” in Hindi proved to be phony and fake. In recent months, all media personnel’s were hell bent in materializing this cooked affair of Saif-Kareena that is getting EXTRA mileage as part of promotion for their hi-profile film TASHAN. The entire media world is feeling cheated after observing the vanishing act of “tattoo” from Saif” arm in a recent concert show. It was these media persons who over-emphasized on this phony affair and now they are ridiculing on it. It’s indeed a (mis) use of freedom and a lesson for those (non) serious media persons who believe in selling sensation in the name of news.