Realism on big screen again 0

Realism on big screen again

Realism is hitting high on silver screen these days as films based on real character sand incidents are garnering major response at the theatres. It is believed that small time actress Divya Dutta is playing character that is loosely based on the characters of Shivani Bhatnagar and Madhumita Sharma. The film is titled as MONICA where she plays ambitious journalist who falls in love with hi-profile politician. She is also working in another film titled as KAHAANI GUDIYA KI, based on the real life story of poor village girl Gudiya. The film is ready for release and expected to hit theatres on 11th April. The film is directed by Prabhakar Shukla that decribes the trauma of Muslim girl Gudiya which she went before her gruesome death. As per information, the poor traumatized girl Gudiya died in 2006 in an army hospital.