Rakhi Sawant is April Fooled 4

Rakhi Sawant is “April Fooled”

We all know that Rakhi Sawant is No.1 “Nautanki-baaz” on TV screen and never loses any opportunity to get footage. Recently she caught everybody attention when INDIA TV showed complete footage of event where she was bitterly “April Fooled”. Rakhi is supposed to be making her recent appearance in an “item song” in Rakesh Roshan’s latest flick KRAZZY 4. Debutante director Jaideep Sen played prank on TV channel when he called them to inform that Rakhi’s song was deleted from the film. Rakhi burst into bizarre emotions and cursed everybody from producer, director to stars like Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan for this unwanted situation. Later she was told that it was all “April Fool” and it was all part of the prank. The event once again proclaimed that she is the best “idiot” and “nautanki-baaz” in the entire country.