Rajesh Roshan fights back with KRZZY 4 4

Rajesh Roshan fights back with KRZZY 4

There was time when Rajesh Roshan’s music used to be great asset for film but now things have changed. The new generation of musicians has taken over but still he survives with his elder brother Rakesh Roshan’s films. Last time it was the music of KRRISH that made him popular and now he makes his presence felt with racy and peppy music of KRAZZY 4. I was particularly delighted with hip-shaking dancing track “Break Free” and it corresponding “Krazzy 4” as it is loaded with foot tapping music. The mood was ecstatic when I saw Shahrukh Khan performing to it with great style. I am eagerly waiting for the film as I want to see the songs on big screen. Finally, veteran Rajesh Roshan fights back with his trendy album KRAZZY 4 and we all wish him luck.