Many Hands make light work 3

Many hands make light work.

When group of person work for a common cause it is called a team work. The energy created by a team is more than an individual. The result of the team work is always an encouraging one. It is very simple way to accomplish any task and works out to be great. You always have a helping hand on your side on which you can rely on. Unity is strength and thus many hands make light work.

But the other side of the theme is that “Too many cooks spoil the broth” so it depends upon the work as well as the people involved in doing a particular work.

But definitely it conferred to the spirit of team work and has a great significance in our life to accomplish the work successfully. The strong commitment among team members works aggressively in maintaining the glow and spark to enlighten the work accomplished. It further conveys the message that the enclosure of many committed hands sustains the glow of light and helps it to glow till it can spark its flame. It implies to the spirit and power of togetherness in life and should be followed with positive spirits. Therefore we can say that the unity is there with the hard efforts, even a small portion of contribution will have its worth.