Mahesh Bhatt rediscovers Bob Woolmer’s death 2

Mahesh Bhatt rediscovers Bob Woolmer’s death

Bhatt camp films maintain their dark mindset of filmmaking as they are out with heavy dosages of realism in their forthcoming JANNAT. The film is presumed to be based on the untimely demise of Pakistani cricket coach Bob Wolmer during the recently held World Cup. British actor Richard Burton is playing the role of Pakistan’s dead cricket coach Bob Woolmer. This Mahesh Bhatt’s movie is based on cricket and match-fixing.Coincidentally, Burton, a cricket coach-cum-actor, was also a friend of Woolmer’s in real life. Richard Burton is not related to the legendary Richard Burton but he is an actor with this name. He was a friend of Bob’s and coaches cricket at Essex, one of the leading counties in England. Emraan Hashmi, the lead player plays the dark shaded character of “bookie” in the film.