Do not be a slave of past
Live in present
Do not waste your life
To count the lost treasures
Plunge into the sublime seas
To gather the shells kept in store for you
Dive deep and swim far and far
To get the more and more from the present
Enjoy the treasures of present
Live with self respect
Than to cry on the spill milk
Present ignites new power
Jives advanced experience
Will overlook the pain
And give you a reason to live
To cherish the moments
To enjoy the beauty
To look and feel happy
Than to cry for the past
Never loose hope
As present is a gift of GOD
Enjoy it fully
Before it’s too late to say
Oh! I missed it
But the time will never look back
Leave the past behind
Live in present to get the most of it
Life is a beauty
Maintain it everyday
With your love and care
To blossom the flowers of happiness
In the valley of your life forever