Health is Wealth

Good health is necessary for happiness and success. Those who do not possess good health cannot enjoy any happiness in life. Life appears to be a burden to them. Although we sometimes find weak and ailing people enjoying happiness and doing good work in spite of bad health, such cases are few and exceptional. How can we keep our health? Only by knowing and carefully observing the rules of health. We must eat only good plain and wholesome food. A ploughman or coolie who works hard the day may not need exercise, but those of us who do mental work need it the most. We can get in outdoor games, athletics sports, riding, running, walking or swimming etc. We must take in as much as fresh air as possible. We must not life in rooms where there is not sunlight and where we do not get plenty of fresh air to breathe. Many of us ruin our health by living in close stuffy and ill ventilated rooms and breathing foul air. We must work as we know, ‘An idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop.” We must take proper rest. If we go on working strenuously the whole day and do not take rest at regular intervals, our health will be affected. Proper rest is necessary for the upkeep of our health. Lastly, to enjoy good health, our life must be free from tension ad nervous and mental strain which paralyze the mental parts of our body so much that no amount of nourishment can properly realize them. A man suffering from mental strain can hardly be found enjoying radiant health.