Dream makes you work hard 2

Dream makes you work hard

While we are sleeping we are in the world of our sub conscious mind and think about the world that we want around us.

We plan our goals and try to work in the same direction to get the desired results.

Each day is a new day as it is the stepping stone towards hope to fulfill the dreams.

Every SUNSET gives us one day less to live
But every SUNRISE gives us one day more to hope

Hope to get more from the efforts and hard work with strong will and determination we are sure to accomplish our dreams.

Dreams are made to take and motivate us to move in the direction set by them.

Therefore, always dream big to get good and wonderful results from the road taken to fulfill them.

IT MAY BE THAT THOSE WHO DO MOST, DREAM MOST, is rightly said as those who work hard are dreaming of the WONDERLAND where they can lead a happy and contented life.

A dream is directly proportional to hard work and is reciprocated in a fruitful way if the road taken to accomplish them is pure and beautiful.