Are you an ignorant human being? 2

Are you an ignorant human being?

Change is a natural and continuous process in everybody’s life but destructive changes caused by human greed, reckless behavior and ruthlessness towards mother. Nature is the most inhuman attitude of man. We are solely responsible for the extinction of wildlife and deforestation too.

Do we realize that we are chopping our own roots? Do we realize that we are strangulating ourselves? Time cautions us, we ignore the symptoms. Time warns us, we ignore the signals.

Time tells us ‘wake up my son, or you shall be put to sleep!”

We all talk about environment, pollution, a forestation and of all the things to be done in life. But when it comes to action, our good thoughts disappear. Out self-centered and “I don’t care ‘attitude in life is what bothers me,

Trees, I firmly believe, are part of life. We must therefore, at the cost of our own comfort, nurture them and grow as many as possible.

Life is beautiful therefore live it in harmony with Nature and you shall find yourself closer to GOD.