A special world of FRIENDS 6

Friendship creates a special world for all of us. It is a special bond one cannot see. It wraps us up in its cocoon, and holds us fiercely in its womb. It spreads like fine spun gold, which glitters for the lifetime and makes it a PARADISE. It gives a feeling of being special to someone who cares and loves you the most.

It gently nestles us to the fold of eternity, love and honesty.
It is like a silken thread which holds us fast and bonds in a way that it lasts for ages together. One needs to have an inclination to follow the realms of belongingness and honesty.

At times a thread may break, but can be retained the intensity of love and honesty if handled the broken corner with CARE. Do not let it break as once broken cannot be mended the same way as it is TODAY…Nourish it with utmost love and care to last it forever.

Though we tend to form new one but OLD IS GOLD ..better retain the OLD PALS and keep adding the NEW PALS in your special world of belongingness and strengthen it everyday.

Bind them closer and keep it strong in your special world, where we all belong, to get LOVE AND FRIENDS FOREVER………..