Singularity:Non-Windows operating system from Microsoft 1

Singularity:Non-Windows operating system from Microsoft

Singularity is an operating system and set of related tools and libraries that is developed completely in managed code. Singularity is not based on Windows; it was written from scratch as a proof-of-concept.Microsoft on March 4 made the few-hundred-thousand lines of source code for Singularity Version 1 available for download from its CodePlex site. The operating system was unveiled at the TechFest 2008 research event in Redmond, and will be made available at no charge for academic and non-commercial use.

Microsoft said that Singularity will help to improve software dependability, and foster inventive research in systems, programming languages and tools. Singularity can be downloaded from CodePlex, an online Microsoft portal created in 2006 to foster collaborative software development projects and host shared source code.

Singularity is written in an extension of C#, Microsoft’s high-level programming language, as opposed to C or C++, which typically have been used for current operating systems. By using C#, Microsoft said, the researchers prevented a class of errors known as buffer overruns, “thereby eliminating an area of vulnerability typically exploited by worms and viruses.”

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