Know abt Cricket 1

Question1– Do you Know when cricket was started ?
Answer—It was start in year eighteen hundred seventy six (1876).so 131 years
old cricket.

Question2–What is the word- “end” in cricket ?
Answer–The word end describe the directions from which two bowlers are bowled the ball. Since the two bowlers operate from opposite directions, one is bowling with the wind and one against it. Naming the two ends as
(1)Pavilion End .
(2) Far End
This helps the commentators in describing the game better.

Question3–What is the name of that Indian Batsman who take only one- one wicket in
both type Cricket means (1)Test Match (2)One Day InterNational(ODI)?

Answer–The name of that BatsMan is — The Indian Ex Captain Sunil Gavaskar,who take only one wicket in
test cricket and one in oneday international.while the test century of Sunil
Gavaskar is Thirty Four(34).currently he is the member of ICC.