Ultimately the voice of crores of Indians , the stern attitude of Indian players against injustice and biased decision and the action of the BCCI have set the motion in it’s place.
The Chairman of the ICC Mr. Malcolm Speed has declared the removal of Bucknor from the next matches and allowing Bhajjii to play keeping aside the decision of Match Referee.
This is no doubt a landmark in cricket which I hope will help the cricket to return to it’s own glory and dignity to be termed as gentleman’s game.
Play is play. One will win and the other is to lose. This is normal and natural. Why cheating and unfair means should get an entry there? Let all the teams play with players attitude showing their skill and ability and effort to win. And the play itself will lead either team to win.
I am relieved to think that I can sing, if this kind of impartial judgment prevails , biasness is eliminated , following the great poet Rabindranath Tagore ,– “Deshe deshe mor ghar ache ami sei ghar mari khujia” — I have my home everywhere in every country , where am I in search of a home.