Why are we so much interested about the ‘alien culture” like Valentines Day ? Being the oldest culture and civilization of the world what are we lacking in so that we are in need to embrace the alien culture ? It has become a culture amongst some elites to criticize those who speak for the culture of the Hindus or their rights. But these persons find no fault with others who are really communal in it’s true sense. If you speak about the kashmiri pundits, who are refugee in this own motherland , you are surely communal, because they are from the Hindu community. Again, the demolition of Babri Masjid is remembered specially by our legislators as we find them creating furor in the parliament session reminding us the day which we like to forget and forgive and lots of tears are shed by those so called seculars , but they never utter a word about the demolition of hundreds of Hindu temples in different parts of the country and neighbouring states on that black day of 6th December. All these are beyond the ethics of Indian culture and hence either activity is surely objectionable.

So is the case now also . The activists who talked or protested against the celebration of valentines day in India are severely criticized. There are commercial interest to mobilize the day. It is rather a business day — to earn by arousing or creating some kind of propaganda. The fourth pillar is enthusiastic enough to use the words like, ‘Radical Hindus”, ‘hardliners”, ‘Right wing Hindu activists” to describe those protesters.

India was originally the land of the people who adorned their lives with the essence of ‘sanatan dharma” which was named as Hindu Dharma by the foreigners. And it is in vogue now as this has been accepted widely. Now to appease the converts our so called seculars are ready to destroy the Hindu culture giving rise of protest and hooliganism and creating mass antagonism. These kind of people never hesitate to hurt the sentiment and respect of the Hindus about Rama and dare to pass derogatory comments.

What more !!!