Of late I have gone through an article on SEZ and the contents are very much provocative. All through the reading I have become very much worried about the future of this ill-fated country and its” ill-fated people.

It reads companies from any field will be able to take the chance of SEZ. Once they enter and acquire SEZ area the Govt. will have no right to interfere in the activities the companies will perform within SEZ area. They will be the absolute monarch in the SEZ area. Do you have any idea about it? How far is it true? India has agreed to offer 350 selected areas for SEZ. Where the politicians are lacking in farsightedness to succumb to the foreign pressure, our future of freedom is totally in jeopardy. Even, you see, the left parties are also ready to sell the interest of common people to the capitalist. What a pity! The entire country have witnessed the fatal drama at Nandigram and Singur enacted with the help of the left party Govt.

The SEZ takes me back to the History where we have gone through how the British East India Company gradually took over the rule of this country having the authority to do business from the zamindary they had been allowed under Faruk-Siyar Forman. Do you not think that the SEZ is going to replace the said Forman and leading the country towards foreign rule again?