Politics , the word itself refers to governance of particular territory inhabited by a number of people by some people. The word is used in a wider sense also as politics in society , in business, at home and so on. Politics has become the part of life these days.

But the politics is now not used in its real sense of governance. I like to term this word as “poly-tricks” instead of “politics” in the present perspective, because the activity of the politicians or business magnets or that of the more or less powerful persons or fraction of people are such that I am compelled to think like that.

There is infighting to topple anyone by any means or “tricks” and that never happens and so they are to indulge in ‘multiple” (poly) ‘tricks”. They do all these to retain themselves in power — money power, physical power, social power, political power. So the main aim is to retain in power any how. And the affected one in turn starts tricking and forms a vicious circle of ‘tricks” giving birth to ‘poly-tricks”.

You see, in India, it is evident in every sphere of life these days, specially in ‘politics” which has lost its inherent meaning as such. Where there is any sign of failure of ‘poly” ‘tricks” , the utilization of money power mixed with muscle power is applied to get the expected result.

The word used in India to mean politics is “Rajneeti” which means the ‘ethics to rule” and according to that the ruler is responsible for any kind of sufferings or mishaps in the society or polity. The ruler must be a person of morality who should govern the people with love, care and utmost concern. But modern rulers are devoid of all these qualities and are favouring all illogical means to retain in power. The services towards the society is just a means to see themselves in power. The service attitude is twisted towards self-service or group service or party service. So, no principle or theory is working, what is working is the principle of self interest – only the self-interest.