The day today itself is a very joyful day for me. My feelings when receiving the amount sent by the admin. of in recognition of my bogging was that of a person who won a game. The peon was curious to know why I was looking so bright while receiving such a meager amount.

I paused for a moment and said, “You are correct my dear.” I paused again and asked , “Have you ever joined any events of sports in your school life?”

“Yes, Sir! I remember when I was in class three I joined in many events in the Annual Sports of our school. I was not good in sports. But I joined out of joy and there was no aim that I should acquire any position. But luckily I managed the fourth position in 400 mtrs. Race . There was no possibility of earning any prize in the fourth position. But it so happened that the teachers decided to award consolation prizes after third whoever completed the race. There were other three who could complete and I was the fourth. My joy was knew no bounds. I ran to my mother after receiving the consolation prize and show it with great excitement. I remember that day still,” the peon narrated.

I interfered, ” And this is the matter with me also my friend. I like to write. And write something in the net and in recognition of that I have received this money. No doubt small but it has given me joy just like that of your consolation prize.”

He shared my joy, laughed and left the place happily expecting that I shall earn more next time and he will be more happy to hand over me more amount.

The amount is though not much but it is great for me, because it has brought enormous joy for me.