The four days in between were the days for me to remain off from all of my personal matters. As I was duty bound to complete some works within those days. Actually , all the days during any year never allows me time to think in a better way, what happens is I am to find out some time for me to write something that comes in my mind to post. But You see I was not lucky enough to add some points to my account as I could not spare a little time for blogging.

23rd January passed away. But I could not pay tribute to the unsung hero on that day because of my being busy. His date of birth is not a national day to celebrate. What a pity!

Again today is the 26th January, the Republic Day, which has brought the largest constitution in the world having no fruitful effect rather creating confusions and chaos and division among the mass population. The present form of the constitution has totally failed to bring the essence of independence to the entire population . It has fulfilled the theory of divide and rule In toto in the fertile ground of diversity of India diverting it from it’s own and original idealism of unity in diversity. The present form of constitution is thus a total failure to create an ideal society in India.