Do you remember it?
Do you remember the arrival of 7th fleet of America during the Bangladesh, the then East Pakistan, operation?
Who stood by our side at that juncture of immense tension?
Who saved us from humiliation?
Who vetoed us out ?
Do you remember?

But you see the scenario is totally changed. We have forgotten our old friend, the real friend. We are now in the affairs with the new friend. We are on the way to change the dais.

I hope you can understand well what point I have raised here. Western countries have criticized the election. The entire procedure was rather condemned. But whatever they comment , ultimately the democratic verdict is in support of Dinitry Medvedev, the newly elected President of Russia. It seems that the western countries are not happy with Medvedev being in power.

I think we should have an immediate reaction by congratulating the newly elected premier of Russia.

The Prime Minister of India reacted after three days of the victory. He sent his congratulatory letter without any publicity, a norm followed earlier. Why so late? Why the lapse? Are they waiting to analyze the western countries” reactions how to react and when to react..

What message does this reaction imply ?

India failed to show the enthusiasm that was a tradition in the case of relations with Russia. India is dangerously abandoning the traditional old friend. At least the minimum requirement to maintain the relationship should have been adhered to.