Man is a rational animal who has the capacity to think and express himself and act accordingly or rectify the faults or mistakes and march forward towards development. And thus it is said that man is the most beloved creation of God. God loves His entire creation because He is the loving father, mother, guide, friend and what not. So the instinct to love his fellow-being or other objects, animate or inanimate or dormant, is natural and all these in the universe attract us.

Thus to love and to be loved is the normal culture of the human being throughout the days immemorial. Moreover, the essence of all religion is also love. Hence, if we love each other or one another whole-heartedly without any motive to gain any kind of benefit from him or them, then only there will be no chance of quarrel or misunderstanding and the result is peace. This kind of love is disinterested love. And this disinterested love can only forgive and forget the fault of others, allowing him a chance to rectify. Thus love and peace can co-exist.