Election in India is now in a very deplorable condition. Day by day, except a few, it has become the safe abode of all the lawbreakers and criminals under the indulgence of the political forces.

Result —
Muscle power and money power are taking a major role to shape the election to acquire power , public welfare or service to people is far behind.

Thus the entire system and procedure of election system in India needs a massive change. And to make the change the code of conduct should be changed. Up to the submission of nomination , acceptance and withdrawal — it is ok. And after that the procedure is , I think , required to be changed. The procedure should be, —

I) Let the Election Commission notify the name , address and details of the candidate in the languages known or in vogue in those particular areas.
II) No political party or candidate or supporter or member will come forward to make any kind of campaign — either public or secret or at the dead of night.
III) No political party or well wisher or supporter will go door to door campaign for vote.
IV) The Election Commission will supply the track record of the candidates for the knowledge of the voters . Violation will result to ban of that party or /and candidates for a long period.

I think, if these matters are taken a look into , it will prevent muscle power to show it’s rude road show and the flow of money to purchase the indecisive people.