At last the unprecedented incident in the field of cricket. The incident is the auction of cricketers. It is perhaps the most unbelievable experience in our life. The figures we had access from the newspaper are very much exciting and if I were aware of this transformation of Cricket I would have practised to compete the race. Now let us see the rates so far I have found in the newspaper.

Chennai purchased Dhoni. His rate is six crore Rupees.

Hyderabad purchased Symonds. His rate is five and one fourth crore Rupees. They also purchased Gilchrist. His rate is two crore and eighty lac Rupees.

Mumbai purchased Sanat Jaysurya. His rate is three crore ninety lac Rupees.

Jaypur purchased Shane Warn. His rate is one crore eighty lac Rupees.

Bangalore purchased Anil Kumble. His rate is two crore Rupees.

Mohali purchased Jaywardhane. His rate is one crore eighty lac Rupees.

Kolkata purchased Shoeb Akhtar. His rate is one crore sixty lac Rupees.

What is going to happen? There will be none to play for the country under the red eyes of BCCI. Perhaps they will be replaced by the Cricket Clubs formed and will be followed by formation of many other clubs. The clubs will play National Games and will earn from the indigenous sources . Multinational companies will drop them down to this field with their massive ads to capture the Indian Market for their commodities . cricket is sure to be reshaped in a professional game. So, don’t worry, wait for a few years , the cricket is sure to face the fate of football.

The gentleman’s game is going to lose all of its essence, charm and beauty.