What I want to say in this piece is amply illustrated by the following fable written by Leo Tolstoy:
Once a sparrow built a nest in the middle of a paddy field amidst the standing crop in which it was tending to its new-born chicks. Every day the mother sparrow went out to bring food for it’s young ones. One day when the mom came home, the chicks told her that it was time for them to leave the field because they over-heard the farmer talking about bringing labourers from the nearby village to harvest the crop the next day. ‘Not yet.” said the mom. ‘There won’t be any harvest tomorrow.” She was right. The next day the labourers did‘t turn up.
After a few days, the chicks reported to mom about farmer’s plan to harvest enlisting the help of friends / relatives and neighbours. And again mom sparrow ignored the warning. There was no harvest the next day.
Finally, when the chicks told about the farmer himself deciding to carry out the harvest work, the mom said, ‘Yes, dears. Its time to leave.” They left the field the same night. The next day the harvest took place.
The moral: If you have a task which you ask the servants to do, it will be a disaster. If you delegate it to your friends / relatives, it might or might not be done; mostly not. To be sure its done, do it yourself.