The more I thought of Subhiksha the more sad I grew. It was one month since had left for good. What might she be doing? Was she looked after well in her new abode? Thoughts such as these gnawed at my cortex as I sank deep into melancholy. I tried to forget her by looking at the new entrant in my life — Deepti.

Subhiksha wasn’t her real name. She was born Padmini. But I rechristened her as when she for the first time rolled into my life in 1981. I chose the name hoping that her arrival would herald an era of prosperity in my life. She was loyal and obedient. My wish was a command for her. She served me well for four years despite occasional tantrums she threw.

But when the time came for her to take a bow and depart, I was distraught. Yet, I had to do what I did. It was inevitable that she moved to some unknown shores. I spread the word that Subhiksha was up for grabs.

The next day the suitors came. They ignited her soul and listened to her contented purr. They took her into the town to see how she behaved. They peeped under the bonnet and checked the carburetor, the engine, the battery and the Delco — the works! Finally a willing suitor struck a deal and paid the cash. I signed the transfer papers and handed over the registration certificate. She was driven out of the garage as I watched her disappear into the horizon.

It was time for me to start with my new car — Deepti.