Fun in chinese names 0

During my student days at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, some of the funniest anecdotes involved the names of our chinese classmates.
For instance,during a roll call session, the anatomy professor sneezed with a resoundig “hak…ack..shee” And a chinese student responded with a “Yes, Sir”. Because his name was Hak Ack Shee!
Somedne in the hostel theorised that during the naming ceremony of a chinese baby, the child’s father threw a coin on to the floor and from whatever sound it produced-ting dong tunk or ding tonk deng- a new name was “coined”!
And how do you pronounce the name “Ng”? According to Mr Ng himself it is the sound one produced while one strained on the toilet-seat to overcome constipation!
Local students invented chinese sounding nicknames for Indian students too. Like “Stink lek skunk” for one who doesn’t take bath. Or “Junk chunk chew” for a glutton!
The chinese too joined the frolic with their own version of Indian names. So Mithun Choksey became “Mein chop suey”. and Gangaram became “Gung Ho Rum”!