Goals And Objectives 1

All the system, by definition, have a purpose. For a business organization, the purpose is to accomplish meaningful goals and objectives. For a software, the goal is to solve the need of the user desired from that software.

There are three related terms that needs to be well followed.
1. Mission: It is the board statement of the purpose of the organization. e.g. “To grow continuously through provision of quality products and services.”

2. Goals: It is general statement of what is to be accomplished. e.g. “Reduce time to respond to a service request without increasing the number of service persons.”

3. Objectives: It is statement of measurable results to be achieved in a specified time frame. e.g. “Reduce order processing time 5 to 3 days.”

Business plans are derived from business objectives. Solving business problems, setting business goals and objectives, and development the plans require a diverse range of internal and external information. it is the responsibility of information system analyst to provide the required information.