Payments 5

So how much can you make with AdSense? Well, basically, the amount you make is entirely dependant on how many people visit your site; the more the visitors, the greater the chance that they will see the ads and, therefore, click them. There are reports of cyber-café owners in Rajasthan making up to $1,500 a month! High-value keywords obviously pay a higher amount per click, but that also means that the content you serve has to be related to those keywords. For example, finance-related content usually serves high-value keywords, i.e. financial content related AdSense ads usually pay more than say cricket-related ads. However, some ads can pay really low (as low as a cent per click) as well. The thumb rule remains, though, that the more the number of visitors to your site, the more money you can make.

As we mentioned before however, there are certain aberrations to the rosy picture, and cases have been reported of people’s accounts being blacklisted for no fathomable reason. However, if
you”re clean, and of course, popular, you can be assured of some extra monthly pocket money!