Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 2

This black beauty comes with an HDMI-out–perfect if you”re planning on getting an LCD HDTV. The Elite sports a full 1080p HD resolution; it also comes with a 120 GB hard drive, and unfortunately, not much more in terms of features than the regular Xbox models. But well, you’ll be able to actually use it as a media centre to play back movies on your HDTV. Besides, with the Elite you get digital audio. And more… The Elite is supposed to be backwards-compatible with previous Xbox and Xbox 360 games, but this doesn’t hold true all the time. However, if you want to enjoy the games you buy in full HD splendour, the Elite is your only option when it comes to the Xbox 360. The Elite is being sold in India at for Rs 34,990. I am mentioning both the Elite and the PS3 because choosing between them often comes down to what games you like to play. We suggest you look at the games available for each platform, decide on which has more of the games you”d like to own, and only then make your purchase. Also, the Xbox 360 Elite is available in the Gulf for considerably less than the Indian price.