Get The File Back 2

It is advisable to have some recovery software already installed on the PC. Also make sure to install on a drive other than the one running Windows, as it may still write to registry.

File Rescue: File Recuse ( from Software Shelf is a small but useful tool for recovering files, but the demo edition recover only two files. it works with FAT, FAT 32, And NTFS drives. When you launch File Rescue, it asks for the driver that are to be scanned and the kind of files to look for. Make your selections and click OK. It scans the disk quite fast, and shows a list of files that it finds on the disk, but not the FAT. it lists the names, the folder from which they were deleted , their sizes, modification dates, prognosis and files address on the disk.

The most important thing here is the prognosis. If it says “Poor”, then some parts of the files have been overwritten by other data and the file probably won’t recover correctly. if the condition is “Good” then in most cases, the file will be recovered completely.Select the files you wan to recover and click Undelete. When recovering the files, choose a driver other than the one you are recovering from-you don’t want any data to be written to the drive until you finish recovering.