Indian History contd… 4

For people who are new to my blog entry let me introduce my blog specialisation to you. My past two articles were about Indian history.. how time and again the truth have been tempered be it by invaders or by our own governement, which is elected by us only.
Anyways, I will continue with my sarcasm which is oozing out of me since two of my blog entries. People are so much worried to put in their precious time to find out if anyone on this site have done cut-copy-paste( or Google). Just imagine when a cut-copy-paste can infuse within us such a turmoil, then why are we acting as a num-skulled personalities on earth just replicating the life being led by other stupid creatures; stupid so as to prove ourselves intelligent; who presupposed that humans are sensible creatures on this planet.
Do you think the present which is preset in front of us is the result of just one day or two, one year or two? It is the way it is as a result of hundereds of years full of the same imbecilic nature of ours, which was full of the same ability of ours rather capibility of ours to transfer our credits to anyone, anyone who can snatch that from us.
How wonderful it would be to loot quintals of gold, thousands of carats of diamonds, pearls and such other precious stones from someone who has been gathering it one by one, one after another just like the kingdom of ants. Someone does the collection work for centuries and one fine morning, err…. no 17 fine mornings what we do is, we repeat the same activity…. LOOT. Would not that be adventurous, exciting? Friends the same adventure has been done by not one Mohd. Ghori but by hundereds of such insensitive, greedy creatures in the presmises of GOLDEN BIRD’s KINGDOM. I think you understood my sarcasm about the looting of great Somnath Temple. Yes, it was looted not once, twice or thrice but exactly 17 times.

I wil continue my sarcasm in next article. Before saying bye I would love to have your comments and suggestion or discussion over this.