Tamil Cinemas 3

Tamil Cinemas was great in the olden days. Now it has gone to the dogs. You can see the same stories again and again. Some try to make a change like the film Album, Mozhi and but only few like Mani and Sunder….

But they mainly concentrate a movie which has some silly songs and some stupid comedy which has no connection with the film script. The main concept is violence and vulgar in all movie.

You can never see any Multi starrer like you see in Hindi or you cannot see any Munnabhai or TZP in Tamil. Off course they are dubbed in the language. Tamil being my mother tongue, i would love to see a change in the Tamil film Industry and would love to see more good talents and path breaking movies…..I guess they still have not understood that now the audience also have got bored seeing the same and is ready for the movies which makes a mark and bring Kollywood in the Top. What say fellas????